Paths of Jordan

For inspiring experiences and local benefits through a responsible tourism in Jordan


"Travel the world and find yourself..."

The rewards of a journey rises from the experience and the self-knowledge we develop on the way. A travel makes you ponder, wonder and ultimately become more aware of the world and of yourself.  Is not a trip abroad an inward journey as well? 

Paths of Jordan invites you for a personal, intimate and meaningful exploration of the Kingdom of Jordan through several ways adapted to your own interests: cultures, natural environments, human memories... an experience that won't leave you indifferent!

Paths of Jordan is an initiative aiming to develop in Jordan a responsible tourism that effectively provides an unusual and unique encounter with the country, its history and its inhabitants. Paths of Jordan encourages travelers to responsible attitudes, draws more attention on peripheral and remote areas, propose trips that positively impact the local communities while respecting the environment.

You are a traveler who...

 ...likes giving yourself time for entering in contact with an environment and the people who live in 

...likes escaping from the popular and crowded areas to discovery authenticity

...has particular as the local cultures, handicrafts, photography, birdwatching, archaeology, horse and camel riding... 

...who is aware on the impact, positive or negative, he may have on the visited areas

...likes retreating in a wonderful nature


Paths of Jordan has 1001 ways for enjoying Jordan! 

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Meet Jordan through...

... interactions and exchanges with Jordanians through domestic activities

Cross the doorsteps and meet the dwellers. Do what they everyday do: cook, make your bread, harvest herbs, fruits and vegetable, milk the sheep... See how those interactions are rewarding for you and supportive for your hosts...

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... fauna, flora and various ecosystems

The extraordinary diversity of the landscapes and environments is one of the richness of Jordan. You will wonder how fast you pass from the tropical Rift Valley, through the wooden highlands till the Black Desert, from the steep wadies to the sandy plains. Explore the hidden secrets of the Jordanian nature while using eco-friendly ways...

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... traditional crafts experiences

Try your hands on various traditional crafts and bring back home colorful souvenirs done by yourself. Through those activities, you will discover how rich and diversified the traditions of Jordan and Middle East are.

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... the human memories

As one of the earliest crossroads in the history of humanity, Jordan has much more to show than the tourist sites which made its glory. Visit the places where the regular programs would not stop and meet their local communities.

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...a development of your personal skills in Arabic language and arts

Are you attracted by the Arab culture, language and arts? Extend your stay and learn Arabic language and calligraphy. See how you can adapt a program to your specific needs...

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...a progression in your body and mind

A time far from your daily preoccupations, a break for reconnecting with your deep consciousness and recharging yourself with healthy energies... this is also your travel! You will find in Jordan wonderful places where you can rest, create fare from disturbance, live a spiritual or creative retreat in a haven of peace

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... your eyes

Your are an artist, a painter, a photographer... in search of new horizons? marvelous landscapes, a magnificent nature and impressive ruins are waiting you in Jordan...

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Traditional Life Revival Project

Spend your holidays in Wadi Rum Desert with a Bedouin family to foster a revival of traditional lifestyle

Your stay in Jordan


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Take an exclusive camel ride in the wild of the Wadi Araba, away off the beaten paths, and help the Bedouin children or the area to get school furniture. Go to the BLOG to read more...

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