The Felt Workshop
Felt is one of the oldest known textiles. It is obtained by the agglomeration and the pressure of the wool. Felting is not in itself a traditional craft in Jordan. Its origin is to be traced in Eastern in Central Asia. However, the Ghor Fifa felt workshop is a success story achieved by the Princess Taghreed Institute (PTI) in cooperation with a Swiss artist. It has efficiently empowered the women of this small village, a poverty pocket located at the edges of the South Dead Sea plain.
The production is mainly destined to exportation, but can also be purchased at Al Nahmeh House in Amman.  It includes naturally proceeded felt objects, but also Bedouin rugs and African basketry.

The felt processing requests the wool to be washed and carded as a first step. Then the wool is simply hand pressed with soap or eventually turned in the palm of the hand if we want to obtain small balls. The material needs then to dry for at least one day:

The workshop also integrates the traditional Bedouin wool processing. Indeed, you can be trained to the wool spinning and weaving. You will also see women involved in African basketry.  The visit of this workshop provides you with a great social experience at the contact of those ladies who brighten the place with their great mood and their smiles! you will never forget the time spent with them, moreover as you will take away with you a felt souvenir of your participation to the work!

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