This activity proposes you a challenge, a little like a treasure hunting...

Many Jordanian children do not have any other reading experience than through the school books and often off-putting pedagogic methods. Without any access to adapted books, they never experiment the enjoyment that the recreational story reading can provide. A Jordanian NGO aimed to fill this gap by establishing libraries in several urban areas and remote villages across the whole country. This program is part of a large range of the NGO activities, including successful programs dedicated to family assistance, poverty alleviation, food security, student support, educational and psycho-social enhancement, medical aid and more... The libraries project is not limited to books distribution. It carries out activities for raising their interest in story reading and also developing some artistic skills.  In order to be sustainable, the libraries need to be constantly supplied and enriched... is where you can efficiently participate: 

As you are anyway traveling through the country, you can easily convey books and material to children in an area included in your itinerary.    

The experience:

- you will receive information indicating where to buy the books and material in Amman. This step can be perfectly included in your city exploration. Books and material are not costly and light for transportation.

- During your trip and depending on your itinerary, you will meet the children in the library of a specific area and deliver the material to them...the coordination is insured by our services in cooperation with the NGO. 

 Your contribution will:

- bring joy to children

- help a local organization to reach its targets

- make your stay in Jordan unforgettable

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