The Rock Art

Jordan counts thousands of rock inscriptions and graffiti spread in the desert. A huge heritage that just comes to our awareness thanks to some recent surveys in the Eastern Desert and in Wadi Rum. This rock art testifies of the life style and the culture of the desert populations since prehistorical times till today. In general, inscriptions and graffiti representing camels and armed men date from some centuries BC to some centuries AD. Yet, some other graffiti are much more ancient, dating back to the Neolithic. The Rock Art also provides us with precious information regarding the savanna fauna that was living in those regions in the past.

In the Eastern Desert, an excursion leading to stone graffiti will required to get about 30 km inside the East to Azraq, or, what is also exciting, to head till Ruwaished area, beyond the black lava flows. Most of the time, a 4x4 vehicle will be necessary.  Such an expedition will be enjoyable beyond your expectation, as you will discover diversified and amazing landscapes. The author is ready to help you to organize such a trip and accompany you there, please contact us for that.

In Wadi Rum, members of the local community are waiting you to show and explain the meaning of those graffiti directly in their contexts. They took an active part to the scientific record of thousands of drawings and inscriptions, under the framework of projects involving the local community in the archaeological surveys. Such a trip will take you off the beaten paths in the wonderful desert of Wadi Rum. You can integrate this exploration to your one or several days expedition in the desert. You may also opt for a graffiti hunting on camelback... an original way to roam in the desert of Wadi Rum!

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