The Ceramic Workshop

The pottery making is a stress releasing activity. It requires a form of mindfulness and can even be considered as a meditation. Ceramic crafting may represent a break in your journey or your everyday life if you live in Amman.


Ceramic workshops are mainly located in Amman and Madaba, however, if you are on a journey, you must get an easy-going solution that allows you to take your piece away on the same day or on the day after. It is exactly what Omar's workshop provides in Jabal Luweibdeh, a central old neighbourhood of the capital. In any time, you will be warmly welcomed! You can practice pottery for some hours or you can request a full course. The workshop is an inspirating Alibaba cave, ideal for creation. 

Ceramic painting, carving, modeling, turning, everything is possible... you can reproduce traditional patterns or follow your own fantasia...  

Do not miss also the opportunity to roam in the neighbourhood. Jabal Luweibdeh is one of the oldest areas of Amman, where you will find quaint corners, small cafes, little shops, old houses, picturesque alleys... it is the place where meet artists, students and e-workers who seek a haven to spend their working time.

More information and contact:

Omar: 00962-79-565 39 20 or 00962-77-790 73 83