The Nabatean Cave

Far from crowded hotels and campings, you can calmly overnight in the stillness of the Beidha mountains. This place is an authentic Nabatean site, with a room burrowed in a rock. Stairs carved on side give a way to the top of the rock and a mind-blowing scenery on the whole Beidha aera. A lower rock preserves a press carved in the stone, in a perfect condition. All around, cliffs and domed rocks draw a stunning panorama. 

The Bedouin family who will welcome you provides you with all what you need for the overnight, as well as with a traditional meal cooked on the spot. The accommodation is simple, in accordance with the Bedouin style. You will sleep on mattrasses on the floor and with blankets. There is no bathroom as the owners want to keep this place totally natural and authentic, and for the time being, no toilets.

The surroundings are especially suitable for nature exploration and wandering, between canyons and plateaux that offer a splendid overview over mountains below, till the Wadi Araba. You can ask an accompaniment to explore the vicinity and even plan one or several hiking days in this unique area.

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Hussein: 00962-79-584 18 98

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