Aqaba is the seaside resort of Jordan and its only port. The area has been declared a free zone since 2001 with the aim to increase its economic development. A lot of efforts and investments have been dedicated to upgrade Aqaba into the rank of a luxury resort. Staying in Aqaba would be really beneficial in order to enjoy the beaches and to relax after a journey shrouded in the heat and dust of archaeological sites. In this essentially in this perspective that Aqaba is proposed by the tour operators.  

However, a typical sea side atmosphere is preserved in the city. Due to its opening to the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt, and further to more far countries, Aqaba is home to a particular ancestral culture, with a specific music, a specific cooking...Under the impulse of the local authorities and several projects, the local Aqabawi community is dynamic and forward-thinking. A weekly handicraft souk exposes the home made products of many local artists. 

Along the sea side, a greening initiative took place and traditional permaculture gardens are now flourishing at the shade of the palm trees. This is the first urban gardens project in Jordan.


Aqaba is of highest interesting for those who enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling. Only a few meters from the beach, you will discover all the wonderful fauna and flora. Offshore expeditions will provide an amazing diving experience and the exceptionally clear waters. 

Those who do not dive still have the opportunity to admire the seabed from a glass-bottomed boat, or by visiting the small Aquarium in the Aqaba Marina Park (below pictures below have been taken in the Aquarium).