The Souimanga of Palestine or Palestine Sunbird
(cinnyris osea)

The souimanga of Palestine is a small passerine of about 10cm lengh, of the Nectriniidae family. This bird is present in the Middle East and in sub-Saharan Africa. We can recognize it as well thanks its melodious chirping as thanks its plumage. Males are black with colorful reflects blue and green depending on the light. It has some orange...

...feathers under the throat, difficult to see from far. The female has a brown-grey plumage on the back and lighter colors under the abdomen. This birds enjoys dry and hot spaces. We can find till an altitude of 3200m. He lives in the dry woods, the bushes, the wadis, in the savanna but also in the gardens and the orchards. We can find it till inside the cities. It mainly feeds on insects and nectar. With its long hooked beak, it can easily extract the nectar from the flowers, while it is fluttering as a hummingbird. Its nest is generally hanged to a tree and is of diverse material as tree leaves, grass or any kind of plants. The whole is linked with hair, cobweb with inside wool or feathers. This structure measures about 18cm in length over 8cm wide.