The Ortolan Bunting
(emberiza hortulana)

Migrating passerine of the emberizidae family present throughout Eurasia, Middle- East and Africa till South of Sahara. It migrates to the Middle-East and North Africa at the fall season in order to spend the winter in temperate regions. Highly migratory, it can cross till 7000 km. Its length is 16 cm with a 24 to 27 cm span. It has an olive ... head, a red beak and white orbital circles around the eyes. It abdomen is yellowish while its back is striated with brown. It lives in open areas and nests on the ground. The female broods during 12 to 13 days. The chicks leave the nest after 13 days. The ortolan bunting is now endangered as their population has sensitively decreased under the effect of the agriculture and hunting. It is now protected in France. The opposite specimen has been pictured in the Eastern desert at mid-April.