The Dung Beetle

The Dung Beetle corresponds to the sacred scarab of the ancient Egypt. It lives mainly off the waste of mammals but may also eat decaying leaves and fruit. They are many kinds of dung beetles: some of them, the rollers, roll dung into round balls that they use as food and breeding chamber, others are called tunnelers as they just dig...

...galleries inside dung, while a third group is called dwellers, as they just live in manure. The Dung beetle is, proportionally, the strongest insect in the world. The rollers are equipped with stocky and serrated legs. They have a very developed sense of smell. It has been scientifically discovered that some dung beetles (survey done on scarabeus satyrus) orient themselves following the moon the stars and the Milky Way. The dung beetles we have in Jordan are black or brown, depending on the species. Some of them have striae on the back. We can find them all over the country as it is a very common insect.