The Caracal
(caracal caracal)

Small feline also called Persian lynx or desert lynx, it distinguish himself by its long pointed ears, black on the external side and ending by a long hair brushes. It is 45 cm high and more flexible than the Nordic lynx. Its hind legs are taller that its front legs, so that it can jump to 3 m in height. Due to its tall legs, it is extremely speedy and excellent ...

...climber. Its fur is beige or tawny on the back, lighter on the abdomen, with sometimes some dark spots on the chest. It has a dark line between the ears, under the eyes and near the whiskers. It feeds on rodents, small mammals, birds, reptiles and eventually gazelles and carcasses. It is told to camouflage by letting appearing only the hair of its ears in order the preys take the tufts of hair for grasses.  It lives in the rocky areas over the Dead Sea, the Wadi Araba and the Eastern desert. It is a rather nocturnal animal and it is extremely exceptional to see a specimen, moreover that it seems to be endangered.