The  Agama Trapelus
(trapelus pallidus, trapelus agnatae…)

They are several species and subspecies of desert lizards in Jordan of the Agamidae family, among them the pallid agama and the agama agnatae. The trapelus is very common over the whole country and especially in all the desert areas. It is uneasy to distinguish the subspecies, especially due to their capacity to modify their ...

...morphology depending on their environment. Adults measure about 20 cm. As it has the particularity to assume the color of its environment, the trapelus can be light brown in sandy areas, dark brown or back in volcanic areas, plus or less spotted. Males have dark cross-bands and a white stripe on the back. The morphology of its skin can also be subject to variations depending on the specificities of the ground: its scales can be plus or less visible. It is diurnal, likes to heat at sun and feeds on insects and ants. It digs holes in earthy humps or dwells under rocky masses.  It can survive in very arid areas and climbs to bushes to get away from the heat of the ground.  It is a familiar reptile that we can easily photograph.