Enjoy this particular insight on Jordan, that sheds light upon less known aspects and areas, far from the common highlights and clichés.  Based on a scientific documentation, a wide information is proposed in the menu about the archaeology, history, cultural and natural heritage of this central area of the Middle East. The author follows her personal interests, without claiming to be exhaustive. So many things are still to be told about Jordan!

Here below, some initiatives, workshops and activities in the local communities deserve visibility. It will be relevant and rewarding for a visitor to give space to such beautiful encounters. Individual, domestic or collective, non for profit or lucrative, those projects are essentially located in peripheral areas where job opportunities are limited. Be ready to interactions with the locals and share a bit of your time with them! those experiences will operate a change in yourself. You can freely contact the locals directly through the indications given inside the pages and proceed to direct arrangements. If needed, we will be pleased to assist the initial steps. (This little nudge would not engage our responsibilities on the services...).

In the below portfolio, let your mind evade in the wonderful landscapes as if you would be there... those photos have been pictured during the author's numerous trips till the confines of the country... today, she is very happy to share them with you!