Precast itineraries are not for you!  we 100% customize your project with your cooperation. 

At the early beginning, tell us about yourself, your motivations for visiting Jordan, your expectations, your personal or professional interests, hobbies or sport you practice... this form will help you to frame this step and classify the vision of your travel to Jordan.

Through a large network of contacts and collaborations, Paths of Jordan provides all kind of tourist services for groups and for individuals, for all types of travels: 

Accommodation in hotels, camps, mobile camps, homestays and retreats

Transportation services (buses, all type of cars with driver, car rentals...)

Hiking, trekking, horse and camel riding, cycling and local activities arrangements...

Accompaniment (qualified guide and local escort when relevant)

Airport assistance

Working spaces in Amman and conference rooms

Volunteering arrangements



7 advises to plan a perfect trip with us: 

The rhythm of your travel

For us, travel means to allow enough time for "feeling" the country, for getting a real impregnation of the culture, the environment and authentic encounters. Our perspective is not in accordance with the commercial trips that make you run from North to South, consume services before quickly flying back home.

If your time is limited, better to focus on one area and learn knowing it instead of hurrying across the country. 

Shape your travel 

Your trip comes into being in your mind first. Your reflection, put together with our expertise, makes your stay perfect and unforgettable. Your trip can follow a consistent theme... or combines a variety of aspects that will surprise you by their diversity. Do not refrain from being creative and bold in your project. We will see together how to give shape to your dream.

For some specific activities, you will be put at an early step in direct contact with our supplier in order to set up the details directly with him or her.   

The period of your travel 

Most of the proposed activities follow a seasonality. While planning your project, it is important to first determine the period. We must adapt the itinerary depending on the seasons in order to avoid you being impacted by extreme weathers.

Integrate flexibility and diversity in your travel plan

You can adapt and diversify the conditions of your trip: you can for example be accompanied by a professional guide for some days and continue freely on other days (note that the accompaniment by a guide is compulsory by the Jordanian law starting from 5 travelers). You can request a driver for a portion of your trip and continue in self-driving for another section where accompaniment is not a necessity. In the same line, a comfortable hotel accommodation do not prevent you from an experience in a rural homestay in some places. As well, you can mix between different activities as for instance a handicraft experience in the North and a trek in the South...

Your flights

A check over flights possibility before sending us your request will allow us to determinate the opportunity to include or not a program on the arrival and departure days. Otherwise, those days are considered as "inactive".

If you want to volunteer 

Unless you plan to integrate a short cleaning activity in your trip, volunteering can be only planed during a longer stay linked to academic or professional commitments, if you want to spend extended holidays or if you need to perform a training in the framework of your curriculum.

If you want to learn Arabic

Share your needs with us. We put you in touch with the appropriate supplier depending on your expectations. Even for a relatively short stay (less than one month), you can greatly benefit from the fact that you are in an Arab speaking country to get initiated to Arabic, to refresh your knowledge or progress in your learning.

7 steps for building your project:

1. The travel starts in your own mind. Following the above advices figure out your priorities, your expectations and your budget.

2. Fill up this form and sent it. On the basis of the given information, we will submit you an itinerary proposal without pricing (Phase I).

3. If needed we will discuss the itinerary together in order to make it perfectly adapted to your wishes.

4. Once the itinerary and plan are set up, we will quote it and send you a full offer with pricing (Phase II).

5.  Once everything is agreed and you are ready to book, you will fill up a booking form that allows us to launch the bookings procedures.

6.  You will receive a confirmation of all the booked services together with some documents to finalize the project.

7. Everything is ready, just pack and fly!!!

* * *