Support animal welfare

In an emerging country like Jordan, animal welfare issues do not gather a wide interest. Animal heath and well-being is negatively impacted by a lack of awareness, a lack of knowledge of the good practices, a lack of means and absence of institutional investment, education efforts and monitoring. It is commonly ignored that the human well being is closely linked to animal welfare and health. In other terms, poor animal conditions affect in most of cases directly the situation of the people who relay on them for their livelihood. Many peasants largely depend on animals in their farming activities and production, not to mention the pastoralism which is still largely spread in Jordan. Indeed, supporting laboring and productive animals also mean supporting a range of the rural society.

We collaborate with an animal welfare center that provides professional veterinary care, involves countless efforts in awareness raising and carries out educational programs. The center provides shelter and hospital services for dogs, cats, cattle, equines, camels, supports modest farmers by granting them with free treatments for their animals, which their livelihood depends on. The center has a mobile clinic for home visits to remote farmers. More than 400 animals are permanently hosted in the center. 

Ensuring the good ongoing of such a center is a challenge of every day. Our collaboration focuses on the equines. Five horses and two donkeys are residents and equines are daily brought by their owners for ambulatory cares or hospitalization. Problems encountered regarding the equines are often injuries due to accidents, improper stall conditions or inappropriate material, wounds and infections worsened by poor hygiene and lack of care,  worms, lameness...

With our initiative, you can be insured to contribute directly and efficiently to the rescue and treatment of the animals.  Visit the center and bring your support to the equines. 

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