"Travel the world and find yourself..."

The rewards of a journey rises from the experience and the self-knowledge we develop on the way. A travel makes you ponder, wonder and ultimately become more aware of the world and of yourself.  Is not a trip abroad an inward journey as well? 

Paths of Jordan invites you for a personal, intimate and meaningful exploration of the Kingdom of Jordan through several ways adapted to your own interests: cultures, natural environments, human memories... an experience that won't leave you indifferent!

Paths of Jordan is an initiative aiming to develop in Jordan a responsible tourism that effectively provides an unusual and unique encounter with the country, its history and its inhabitants. Paths of Jordan encourages travelers to responsible attitudes, draws more attention on peripheral and remote areas, propose trips that positively impact the local communities while respecting the environment.

You are a traveler who...

 ...likes giving yourself time for entering in contact with an environment and the people who live in 

...likes escaping from the popular and crowded areas to discovery authenticity

...has particular as the local cultures, handicrafts, photography, birdwatching, archaeology, horse and camel riding... 

...who is aware on the impact, positive or negative, he may have on the visited areas

...likes retreating in a wonderful nature


Paths of Jordan has 1001 ways for enjoying Jordan! 

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